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Rude, extreme, but ruthlessly fun!

NFT project inspired by Karen and driven by the community.

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This game isn't rocket science. We promise you’ll start enjoying it from the first session, so let’s roll… 💯

Now, it’s pleasant to beat other mfers in the game… But in our game, your single aim is to have fun and win some buck along the way.

Making people cry isn’t mandatory, but a pleasant bonus. And here’s the thing…

Unlike other projects promising you the metaverse of games… We really walk the talk!

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Become a Stakeholder

We created an innovative system, so you can earn passive income. Truly, Karen NFT holders will get their share from each future collab we establish. And we mean real money! So go grab a pen and start jotting down potential partnerships!

Earn Tokens

That’s right, by making Karen work you earn tokens. Your rewards will depend on the rarity and number of Karens you’re exploiting, and if you own a chihuahua, you will multiply your staking yield. Working class is switching tables… Who would have thought?


Ngl, we like gambling. So to spike your adrenaline and boost your ego… We’ll be raffling $500 for 1 wallet in every 500 minted Karen. Lucky ones get personal congrats from Karen, and losers can spit in their backs. You know, Karen style…

Visit Vegas

Alright, maybe it’s not Vegas exactly.... But every Karen owner gets access to the Karentown metaverse with P2E gaming & people trying to fool you on money. Is the concept much different? Bet your tokens or chips, it doesn’t matter… As long as you have fun!

Dress To Kill

Not literally though… You’ll simply get an exclusive access to knockdown looking merch. And you’ll also be able to put some snarky phrase on it of your choice.